The Best City in Washington State Everyone Should Know About – But Doesn’t

Washington State is becoming a popular relocation state for many. With the cooler weather for most, beautiful green PNW scenery, outdoor activities, job opportunities, and statewide housing options. 1,000 people per week are moving to Seattle, Washington alone.  This alarming number has many effects both good and bad for the economy. This number has increased the demand for housing which in turn results in higher prices. This is causing people to look for houses located outside of the area to find new affordable housing options.

There are many cities just south of Seattle, Washington that are affordable, yet, most of have not heard of them. Raymond, Washington is a small town located along the coast just 30 miles to beaches. Located perfectly between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. This city runs along the Willapa River that feeds into the Willapa Bay where the Oyster Capital of the World is located, South Bend, WA.

The town of Raymond was established in 1907. Bringing in industries such as logging, fishing, and farming. To this day these industries still cover a major of the area. To learn more about the history of Raymond, check it out here. 

What makes this small town one of the best communities?

The trees and rolling hills of pasture land make this town refreshingly green. The Willapa River brings a soothing feel throughout town and a great place to cool off in during the rare warm days we experience. This small town has miles and miles of walking and bicycle trails, hidden hiking trails, kayaking and boating on the Willapa River, fishing, hunting, and annual events you can't miss out on. 

You will find a different array of housing options here. From 1920's craftsman style to 1920's farmhouses. In town you can find affordable, beautiful homes in quaint neighborhoods with great size backyards. As you head out of town, you will find a little more space between neighbors in one direction or beautiful water views in the other direction. This town offers just about any type of housing your looking for. 

But, what really makes this town so special are the things you can't see or find online. The sense of community during the good and the bad, everywhere you turn someone is willing to lend a hand. This community bands together during tragedy and heartache no matter what side they stand on they come together as one. 

From the moment you walk into the Raymond community, you will feel the sense of belonging. The reason it takes you an hour to grab one item at the local grocery story is because you can always find a familiar face, family, or friend to stop and catch up with. 

The classrooms in the local schools (Willapa Valley, Raymond, and South Bend) are small allowing every student to connect with everyone of their classmates and teachers. Though these classrooms are small, they have opportunities large schools can't offer. The teachers at these schools go above and beyond for their students, taking them in as their own children, not just for the year, but for many years to come. There is great sense of rivalry between each other, but they can also come together to cheer each other on. 

Come see what you’ve been missing and what you can get by exploring one of Washington's best neighborhoods!

Here is a list of homes for sale in the Raymond, Washington and surrounding areas. 

Planning a visit to Raymond, WA? Here are a few awesome places to check out while your in town! 


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