3 Decluttering Projects That You’ll Actually Enjoy Doing

As summer is approaching, many of our clients are looking to buy and sell, which in turn means moving. Decluttering is a great way to start the moving process but, man, is it time consuming and tedious! Half the time it’s the last thing we want to do, but getting a head start on it could help.

We are lucky enough to have Jackie Waters from hyper-tidy.com share with us some great decluttering tips that won’t make you want to bang your head against the wall.

3 Decluttering Projects

That You’ll Actually Enjoy Doing

Is clutter getting in the way of enjoying your home? Clutter is a major source of stress — when your house looks bad, you’re constantly thinking about everything you need to do and avoiding company because you don’t want others to witness your mess.

Despite the stress that clutter causes, many of us feel overwhelmed at the prospect of eliminating it. We don’t know where to start or what to do with our unwanted stuff, and feel guilty getting rid of things we paid good money for.

If the idea of decluttering makes you anxious, consider hiring a professional to handle it all for you. The average hourly rate for a professional organizer runs around $30-$80. This is a great option if it’s in your budget, but if it’s not, spending money you can’t afford to lose is only going to add to your stress, not reduce it.

Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a professional organizer, break your home decluttering down into fun projects that you can do in a weekend or less, like these!

Have a Family Memory Day

How long has it been since you’ve looked at the boxes of family memorabilia stuffed in the attic? Instead of letting sentimental items take up space and collect dust, pull them out for a day of family nostalgia. As you pore over your family memories, take these steps to declutter them:

  • Scan photographs into digital storage.

  • Convert home movies to digital formats.

  • Compile ticket stubs, postcards, and other small items into a scrapbook.


Not all family heirlooms can be condensed to a smaller size. If you have homemade quilts, wedding dresses, and other bulky items, consider getting them out of your house and into storage. You’ll have the assurance your cherished items are safe without cluttering up your home.

Host a Clothing Swap

When organizing and decluttering, don’t neglect your closets. If your closet is full of clothes you never wear, you could haul them all to the thrift store. However, a more exciting approach is to host a clothing swap with friends and neighbors!

A clothing swap is a fun excuse to get together with friends and a cheap and eco-friendly way to refresh your wardrobe. However, a clothing swap only works for decluttering if you leave with fewer items than you brought. Aim to take one item of clothing or accessory for every three that you contribute to the swap. When the event is over, drop the unclaimed clothes off at a donation center.

Donate to a Toy Drive

Every parent knows the struggle of buying their kids tons of toys, only for their children to play with one or two favorites and nothing else. Instead of letting unloved toys languish in the corner, use them as an opportunity to do some good.

Many children’s organizations happily accept gently-used toys to share with children in need. Get your kids involved in picking out which toys to donate. If your kids are reluctant to part with toys, encourage them to focus on how happy their gifts will make other children.

Don’t stop at toys! You can also find children’s charities that accept books, backpacks, clothing, and other like-new goods.

Decluttering your house should be about relieving your stress and mental load, not adding yet another chore to your plate. So if the prospect of spending a week sorting through every nook and cranny of your home fills you with dread, don’t do it! While it may take more time to achieve a perfectly-organized home, doing little projects like these turns decluttering into something worth looking forward to.