12 Tips for Your Final Walk Through

Right before your house becomes your home, you’ll walk to conduct a final walk through of the property before closing with your real estate agent. The goal of this is to ensure that the property’s condition hasn’t changed since your last visit. You’ll always want to make sure that things agreed upon during your contract were taken care of and terms are met.

Buyers are often pressed for time as the transaction closing date draws near, which means a buyer might be tempted to pass on the final walk-through. Many issues can come up though, and it’s never a good idea to skip a final walk-through.

Tips for your Final Walk-through

1. Set aside 30 to 60 minutes for the walk - through and conduct it 24-72 hours before closing, if possible.

2. Bring your contract with you to confirm that items seller agreed to fix have been repaired and items seller agreed to leave are still in the home.

3. Starting inside, open and close windows and doors and check that all latches and locks work.

4. Test heating and air conditioning systems.

5. Confirm all appliances are in working order.

6. Test all light switched and electrical outlets.


7. Test smoke detector.

8. Check that faucets work and there are no signs of leaks from faucets, water lines or drain pipes.

9. Flush toilets.

10. Confirm tubs, showers, and sinks drain properly.

11. Check exterior of home for signs of damage to doors, windows, screens, siding and roof.

12. Confirm all landscaping that was present at inspection is still in place.