Five Steps to Making Your New House Feel Like Home

You just bought a home. You’re in a new place with boxes filling each room and the next step is what? Natalie Jones from chats with us about the five steps to making your new house feel like home. Get situated into your new home like a pro!

Moving is seldom an easy process, especially when we end up relocating long-distance. Your surroundings will be unfamiliar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel at ease. With the right steps, you can make your new house seem like home sooner than you might expect.


First Things First

It may be instinctive, once you arrive, to start unpacking immediately. However, the best thing to do first is clean while the space is empty. Of course, you’ll have other priorities, so consider a cleaning service; the average national cost of hiring a maid service is between $116 and $235. By doing so, you can focus on checking your home's safety features, like the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide reader.

Finally, once everything is sparkling and assessed, move onto unpacking essentials, such as a week’s worth of clothing, toiletries, and sheets. If you have any children, be sure to do their rooms quickly to ease their transition and give a sense of normalcy. Then, once you’ve finished there, hit up areas you’ll want immediately, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. You may be surprised by how good it will feel to have your basics sorted.

Settle Into Your New Home

Unpacking is only part of the journey to setting up your new property. You’ll need to arrange furniture; for instance, or even buy pieces if you didn’t bring your old set. To save some pennies, try local thrift stores to find a few gently loved pieces to clean or upcycle. Similarly, now is the perfect opportunity to increase your storage. Before things have permanent homes, however, experiment and a little to see if there aren’t places you could add shelving, or might even expand your closet space. You will, of course, want your home to be functional and comfortable, so set aside some time and energy to play with your layout.

Get Around Your Neighborhood

No matter how tempting it is to spend all your time perfecting your house, you should take breaks and get out of doors. What better way to do that than explore your neighborhood to get used to it and learn about the local community? Your new landlord or realtor may have ideas as to where to start, but you could always choose the library to see what the community board has posted. Or, perhaps the nearest coffee shop may have a nice ambiance and let you meet other locals. It’s also a good idea to go around and introduce yourself to your neighbors. You could just say hello or invite them over for a housewarming bash.

Stay Connected

Even though you now live farther from loved ones, that doesn't mean you have to be out of contact with them. Of course, phone calls and video chatting make life easy, but even those can leave us feeling disconnected. To stay close, try doing stuff together despite the distance. For instance, read novels at the same time and discuss them, or watch shows together. If you enjoy being active, you could take up jogging or Pilates, and talk about your progress. While it does take effort, it will be worth it to keep in touch with loved ones.

Calm Your Pets

Like our children, our pets may have issues adjusting to their new homes. Unlike our little ones, however, they can’t understand our explanations as to why it happened, and they will need help to get comfortable. Unfortunately, large spaces can overwhelm cats, so limit them to a single room or two initially. Then, as they acclimate, expand their living quarters one room at a time. Your dog may feel similarly, but he or she can be reassured by their crates (if you don’t have one, Amazon sells them for around $25.99), as well as familiar smells. Both species will like having their toys and favorite things nearby, and that includes you! So, stick around for the first few days and let them be comforted by your presence.

A move may be stressful, but you can take steps to make the process easier. Set up your home with the right preparations, and be sure to explore your new area. Change may seem difficult at first, but this is an adventure as much as anything.

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