Our TOP Moving Tips

So you bought a house and NOW it’s moving time! Are you freaking out yet?

With us, you won’t have to! We’ve put together our top moving tips to help make this a smooth transition for you. Just remember, breathe. We will make it through this move together!

Seiler Home Group’s TOP Moving Tips

  • Don’t procrastinate: I know, I know, Easier said than done. However; I promise it helps. When procrastination happens, we get careless with packing and just throw things in boxes making it much harder in the long run.

  • Pack Room by Room: Tackle one room at a time. It will seem a bit less overwhelming this way and hopefully you’ll still be able to find everything you need because it’s just stacked in one room. Make sure you label the room on the box so when you’re unpacking in the new house, you know exactly where it goes

  • Pack a Suit Case: Sometimes unpacking takes a bit longer than planned. So you don’t have to rush into finding your things, pack everything you would need for a week. Ensure you have all the clothes you need, makeup, shower supplies, medicine, cash, ect. This allows you to still be able to have your daily routine, even if you’re not unpacked.

  • Pack a Cleaning Kit: Have a quick grab cleaning kit that you can use right when you get into the house. As things get moved around, they collect dust and dirt. Have paper towels and multipurpose cleaner quick at hand to keep things in top shape. Other items that would be good to include: a broom, dust pan, glass cleaner and sponges.

  • Use Packing Labels/Color Code: The greatest thing I’ve seen is using color coded labels. For example, the kitchen is red, the master bedroom is blue, the living room is green and so on. Once you’re unloading everything into your new home, you know exactly where to place the boxes. It’s easier to see colors for most people than having to read the label. You could also use abbreviations for labels, if that helps. K for kitchen, MB for master bath, M for master bedroom. Just make sure either way, you make yourself a key so you can refer back to it. It’s completely normal to get a little frazzled during moving and you don’t want to forget what everything is when you’re moving.

  • Get a Variety of Sizes of Boxes: Don’t be afraid to get a bunch of different sized boxes. Think about what you need to pack. Sometimes you’ll need smaller boxes for the little things rather than cramming everything into the big box. Packing can be an art form. Pack Smart!

  • Make Sure You Have All Your Packing Supplies: Did you remember to get enough tape? What about the packing paper? A tape gun is an amazing gadget making life easier during packing. Box assembly can take some time, so having a tape gun can help speed up the process.

  • Packing Valuables/Fragile Items: Don’t forget to mark “Fragile” on your box, and on multiple sides. You never know what side someone is going to see, and if they miss the “fragile” label because it’s on the back side, your valuables might end up ruined. Also, ensure that you are using packing paper instead of newspaper for your valuables. Stains can come from newspaper depending on what you’re packing. Avoid anything happening to your precious cargo by using the right paper.

  • Make Sure Your Boxes Aren’t Too Heavy: The bigger the box, the heavier it can get. You don’t want to over pack the box. When you have a heavy item, use the smallest box you can. It will make it easier to carry as you’re moving. Save the larger boxes for things that are light, but hard to carry on their own.

  • If You Don’t Need It, Donate It: The best time to get rid of things is during your move. All of a sudden you’re finding stuff that you haven’t seen for five years and really, there’s no reason for you to keep it anymore. Create a pile in a common room for items to donate. You can even schedule a pickup with Salvation Army or other places depending on your location.

  • Eat Your Food: How much food do you have sitting in your freezer? Is it going to last during the move while it’s not in a freezer. The two to three weeks prior to your move, plan your meals around the frozen and refrigerated foods you have on hand. Don’t forget those half open containers you have around the pantry and might not move as well.

Moving is hard, but don’t worry. You’ll be set up for success now! The best part is being in your new home, the rest all just comes together. Enjoy your new home!

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