How to Get Involved with Creatives Near You

I am sure you are thinking what in the world is The Rising Tide Society. It was founded by the amazing Natalie Franke to build community over competition. There mission is to “empower the creative economy to rise together, doing what they love”. I mean, can I get an AMEN!? Every second Tuesday of the month groups of creatives all over the world come together to support one another, this is known as Tuesday’s Together.

I discovered Rising Tide Society when I was Alaska and first jumped into real estate. When I first got into real estate I didn’t do the “traditional” things. I first started with a blog and wanted to find a group of creatives that could understand my struggles and help me break through to new opportunities by brainstorming together. The Alaska group was so important to me I was able to create friendships, chat about my struggles with those that understood, and it got me out of the house once a month. And as an entrepreneur sometimes that alone is enough.

Fast forward to now, I go to the Tuesday’s Together group in South Bend, WA. This is a smaller group of creatives, but we are hoping to see that grow soon. We meet up once a month and hash out the topic of the month that is provided to use by Rising Tide Society. They provide us a free guide once a month to discuss together, this month topic is about protecting your business, grab it. It’s FREE!

The amazing thing about this group is you don’t have to be a business owner, anyone is welcome!

Thinking about starting a business, come! Have an MLM business, come! Have a business, come! Want to surround yourself with creative people, come!

There are groups all around the world. To find the closest meet up near you check here. If you can’t find one close to you then you can create your own Tuesday’s Together meet up!

In my beginning year this was a life savor to know there were other people out there who understood the struggles and today I feel the exact same way. Every time I leave our Tuesday’s Together meeting I feel inspired, hopeful, and rejuvenated to keep pushing forward. So, I invite you friend to see where the closest meet up is near you and I challenge you to go to next Tuesday’s Together near you and see for yourself how it can change you too.

Tuesdays Together South Bend, WA